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Congress Leather, Inc. Catalog.

How To Use:


Double click the Catalog to view larger and to show more ways to navigate. To exit the full screen view, simply press the "ESC" button on your keyboard or X Button at the top on the center bar.


The white bars at the top are your social share links and navigation links. There is two dots with a scroll bar from left to right on the center bar. That enlarges the document. You can also move the document around by holding down and dragging to the place you need.

Next, there is a button that has 4 tiny squares together. By clicking this you can view all the pages and directly head to the page you need. You can also, turn the pages by the corners, by dragging and clicking, clicking the arrows on the bar or use the navigation bars on the sides.

PDF Download

The next button is an arrow pointing down on a line. This button will allow you to download the document to your computer. This file may take a few moments to download. As soon as it is done downloading, click the Zip folder. The PDF (congressLeathesrBook) will be in this folder ( To save, click extract all files and you will be able to move, copy, or save the document anywhere on your computer.

Note: It may take a few moments to load each page.

If you are experiencing any problems, please contact us and we will help you the best we can.

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